Hello, my name is Bin Bin and I am the owner of the Chiang Mai Experience. As a local, I can offer a unique perspective on Chiang Mai and the culture of northern Thailand. I am a member of the Karen Hill Tribe and grew up in a small tribal village in the mountains north of Chiang Mai. When I was twelve years old I left my village to study Buddhism at the Chedi Luang Temple, where I received my education. At nineteen years old I became an ordained monk and joined the Wat Phra Kao monastery, where I served as a monk until I was twenty four years old. After leaving the monkhood, I worked at a local elephant sanctuary. Since then, I have been a tour guide, showing tourists the many beautiful sites in and around Chiang Mai, from the beautiful temples and elephant sanctuaries to the natural wonders of the area. I have many tour package options, where you can visit waterfalls, rice terraces and enjoy the local culture. I enjoy showing people the city that I call home, and teaching them about the incredibly unique culture that is nurtured by the history and people of Chiang Mai. I look forward to sharing my home with you and leaving you with many happy memories of Chiang Mai. Support the local community and choose a Thai owned, community focused tour company, where we support local people and build the Chiang Mai tourism industry for the benefit of the local community and learn about Thai culture.


We have many tour options and are proud to represent the opportunity to do amazing activities, to see, to learn and to have fun in a new culture and support local community, all while having a great experience. And that is why we call our tour The Chiang Mai Experience!

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Option 1 One day Elephant Family Care, Rafting, and Waterfall.

One Day Trip Visit Elephant Family Sanctuary,  Feed Elephant Make a New friend Bathing with Them, Relax with Gorgeous  Measapok Waterfall  Enjoy  Bamboo Rafting Down a Narrow River Where you 'll be Surounded By Breathing Nature  Exciting  Experience  in Chiang mai Thailand .

Option 2 Elephant Sanctuary & Doi Suthep Temple

Visit Chiang mai Thailand highlights in a day visit elephant santuary & Doi suthep temple feed the elephants and enjoy time playing with the elephants bathing the elephant in the river then walk them to the jungle learn about them life how they are survivor them life you can enjoy make a beautiful photo with your new elephant friend enjoy Thai lunch visit Top must visit temple in Chiang mai Doi suthep temple godel pagoda and enjoy Amazing Panoramic City view of Chiang mai 

Option 3 One night two days stay with the hill tribe people and learn about them Culture.

Hike through the beautiful nature and mountain scenery to the Hill tribe village. Stay overnight and learn about the culture, complete with either a group prepared meal or meal homecooked by locals. In the morning you will visit the elephant sanctuary and in the afternoon relax as you enjoy bamboo rafting down the Mea Wang river.

Option 4 one day trip - Doi suthep, Hidden temple, Sticky waterfall and farm.

Visit the most beautiful temple in Chiang Mai, Enjoy panoramic view of Chiang Mai city from one of the island most famous temple built in 1383, climb aboard 306 steps to visit a shrine of Buddha looking at the city from the temple at an altitude of 1067 meters above sea level .visit Hidden temple built in 1385, (Pha lad temple) a fusion of Thai and Burmese style . it is often called the jungle temple because  it's tucked away in moutain where you can find peace and serenity visit orchid and Butterfly farm have a Buffet lunch  visit the unique Sticky waterfall where you can enjoy swiming and time to relax.on this all-day relax and enjoy the unique “sticky” waterfall. Take beautiful photos of the stunning jungle location and challenge yourself and your friends walking up the waterfall with the help of our guide.

Option 5 One Day Trip Inthanon National Park Eco Trek 2 Hours Pha Dok Siew Nature Trail

Option 5 One Day Trip Doi Inthanon

Discover Thailand's unparalleed natural beaautity and cool off on thailand's highest 

peak in the scenic Doi Inthanon National park chiang mai Thailand .  2 hours  hikking  throngh Pha Dok Siew Trail  rich green Nature  visit  hill tribe karen village and rice field at Ban Mae klang luang learn about them culture then visit wachirathan waterfall .

Option 6 one day trip Doi Inthanon National Park

 One day trip Doi Inthon National park 


Make the great experience of chiang mai by the chiangmai experience travel

Visit doi inthanon national park  go to the higest point of Thailand to see king and queen pagoda hill tribe coffee village surrounded by beautiful nature of montains  wachirathan waterfall 

small trek Ang Ka nature  trail 



Option 7 Elephant Sanctuary Doi Inthanon


Exploring Thailand's highst point at Doi Inthanon National Park and wonderfull time at Ethical Elephant feeding them bathing with elephant in the river on of the Chiang mai Elehant senctuary the great experience .

Option 8


Visit Wat Rong Khun ( white temple ) The Buddhist temple for " Fairyland " or "Blissful Land " 

 also visit the great Black house (Ban Si Dum) the house of National Artist Dr. Thawan Duchanee.

and visit the Blun the temple (Wat Rong suea ten) the temple that stands out from others because of its sapphire blun color .

Option 9 Doi suthep temple and Hidden temple (Pha lad)

OPTION 5  Sunrise, Buddhism, offering food to the monks, and learn about thai Culture

See the sunrise over Chiang Mai at Doi Suthep mountaintop temple, learn about Thai culture by offering food to the monks and then head to the hidden temple. This jungle temple is Burmese and Lanna style architecture. Lanna is the northern Thai culture, which can be found in Chiang Mai.

Option 10 Doi SuThep temple and Hidden temple (Pha lad ) at Ningt

 Evening tour of mountaintop temple. See the view over Chiang Mai city from high up on the mountain at night. Listen to the monks chanting in the atmospheric jungle temple and see the beautiful golden pagoda.


Option 11 Private tour 4 Day 3 Night

Have the best experience in Chiang mai thailand the land of smailes 3 nights 4 days visit doisuthep temple pha lad temple  visit sticky waterfall we can enjoy and relax visit long neck village , visit Doi Inthanon national park wachirathan waterfall hiking ang ka luan nature trail, kew mae pan nature  trail ban mae klang luang coffee visit, lunch and karen hill tribe village twins royal pagoda this is about chaing mai itinerary we will guide you the best things to do in chiang mai and what to see  having fun in 3 nights 4 days visit chiang Rai white temple blue temple  black meseum golden triangle stay one night in chiang Rai visit night market .

Option 12 Elephant sanctuary and sticky waterfall


Take and exiciting full-day trip to visit and ethical rescued elephant estate to learn about the elephants as you cook, feed and bathe them in the river . following lunch, travel to some a unique sticky waterfall where you can enjoy swimming and time to relax.